True Heart Horses

Equine Treatment Stocks


- The safest stock built for the horse and handler

- A horse can be removed from the stock at anytime
  during any circumstance

- Used for all standing veterinarian procedures and treatments

- Used at training centre and farms daily for the on going
  care of horses of any discipline

- A patent pending design for the horse with the horse in mind

These stocks truly are the answer for treating horses weather it is the veterinarian or the average Joe, they are easy to work with, loading a horse is easy because all you have to do is lead your horse up to the stock and close the gates around them, the 3 post design allows this, also the fourth corner is self supporting and when the gate is closed with the full weight of the horse on it, it can be opened with very little effort, no other stock has this feature.

For questions or order information contact
or call 780-206-8589 cell


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